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Joe_Bates_Saga________________________________________________________27__27. ChapterWhen Joe arrived back at Linda’s there was no one home. Linda was
still at work. He wanted to call Jay and find out if he could travel
to Minneapolis with him tomorrow. He’d also need lolitas collection top angel
to go shopping, since
so far he had nothing but warm weather clothes. It was still chilly in
Minnesota, and Joe would need something to keep warm.Joe went straight into his room and kicked off his shoes. Now, he
hardly noticed walking with the heeled pumps, but when he took them off
it felt very good. www russian loli com
He rubbed his tired feet through the nylon of his
pantyhose.He lay back on the bed and grabbed the phone, punched in Jay’s number
at work, and waited for his secretary to answer. sex young lolitas russian When she did, Joe
asked for Jay and was immediately put through.”Hello. What can I do for you, Joe?” Jay asked cheerfully. It was
plain that he was glad to hear from his friend.”What are you doing tomorrow, pal? Can you get away for a couple of
days?”"I might. It’s been a little light around here this week. What do you
have on your mind?”"I just came from work,” Joe explained. “I have to go to see the
President of Honeybone tomorrow. He’s in Minneapolis. I’d like you to
come along if you can.”"Is this professional? Or do you just want company?”"Well, I would like you to help with advice if I need it. Of course,
who knows what else might happen.” Joe spoke the last sentence as
seductively as he could.”Oh yeah?” Jay answered in mock excitement. “I can hardly wait.”
Although he was teasing, obviously he really was looking forward to
seeing Joe.As he thought this, Joe began to feel the little tingle he often had as
he thought about Jay. “Be at the hanger at 0600 tomorrow. I think we
can make nude gay lolita boys
Minneapolis well before noon. We’ll have the 425, you can get
some turbine multi time.”"Do I need to take anything along?”"Well, bring enough clothes for two days. I don’t think you’ll need
any of your attorney stuff. If we have any questions in that area, I
think you’ll have time to work it out.”"Ok.” Jay said enthusiastically. “What are you doing this evening?”"I just have to go shopping. It’s still kind of cold there, and I
don’t have any warm clothes that fit.”"I was going to invite you to racquetball after work. Just a game of
three sets.”"Yeah, I know I ought to do that, too,” Joe replied. “I think my butt
is still getting bigger.”"It looks pretty nice to me,” Jay complimented.”No. I mean it,” Joe went on. “I really do think my hips and my butt
are getting bigger. God, I really don’t want to have big hips and a
huge butt.”"Joe, your butt is fantastic looking. It’s got a long way to little lolita preteen movies
go before
it’s too big. Trust me on that.”"You don’t have to feel it.”"But I will if you want me to,” Jay teased.”Aww, cut it out,” Joe whined. “If you’ll just stop teasing me, maybe
I’ll actually let you sometime.”"Promises, Promises. You probably tell that to all the guys.”"No, only two or three. I usually just do it myself.”"I’ll bet you free lolitas site preview
do at that,” Jay mused.”Anyway, I don’t know If I can make it tonight,” Joe said, changing the
topic back to the original. “Maybe we can do something tomorrow, at
the Radisson Plaza. Just bring your clothes and your racket.”"Ok, I’ll do that. It’s a lot more fun playing with you now. The
scenery’s sure better, and now I know I’ll win too.”The last statement was probably true, Joe thought. It bugged him to
know that he was no longer capable of the level of play required to
beat Jay at will. Hell, he’d probably be even worse now than last
time. He didn’t know what made his play so mediocre now. Sure, he
probably wasn’t as strong, but why did he have to be so slow too? It
seemed his only ploy could be to distract free lolita models bbs
Jay by getting in front of
him and then trying to do something provocative. Maybe it might be
cheating, but now it was the only chance he had.Joe wondered if the Phoenix area department stores, which he knew were
now filled with summer things, would even have what he needed to buy.
He guessed that he could probably find a jacket, and maybe a suitable
coat, but what about a cool weather dress, or pants? Maybe what he had
on would do in a pinch, but it really did look a bit sunny. Of course,
everybody there would know he was from the Southwest anyway, and no
matter what he could get, it would probably look different from the
local style in Minnesota, whatever that was. Suddenly he realized he
was becoming much more fashion conscious than he had ever been before.
Was this part of being a girl too?He swung his watch tiny models nude lolita around on his wrist and checked the time. It was
three in the afternoon. Only two days ago his new watch fit rather
tightly on his wrist. Now it felt a little loose, just more evidence
that he was still changing, all over. He wondered what he’d end up
like, how he’d look, when it all stopped, assuming that it had to,
eventually. It just had to. Didn’t it?Feeling restless, Joe went out into the sunken living area. As he
dropped into one of the overstuffed chairs, he noticed the TV Guide on
the table, next to the remote control. He reached down nude gay lolita boys and gathered
both of them to him, and then tucked his slick nylon covered legs under
him. When he did, he could again detect the increased flexibility the
change had given his body. It was weird, the feeling was lolta models top 100
like he had
just somehow become younger, more flexible, over night.Joe punched on the TV, and then started paging through the TV Guide.
Afternoons were soap operas or Ophra Winfrey. Joe turned the channel
to Ophra, and when the commercial spot finished, Joe found himself
watching a show about transsexual couples. Although he knew the
subject was a popular one with Ophra, Donahue, and Geraldo, Joe now had
a much greater interest in the subject.One of Ophra’s guests was a postoperative male to female little lolita bbs tgp
who was still
living with his/her free lolitas site preview ex-wife. Seeing them made Joe think about Dave.
This guy-turned-girl appeared to be in her mid thirties, and was
actually quite attractive. preteen lola nymphet porn Her ‘wife’ was probably about the same age,
and was rather plain looking. Although they were not with them on the
show, this unusual couple said they had two children, the result of
their ten years of marriage before the father decided to seek help for
his lifelong gender identity problem, help which had eventually changed
him into a quite attractive woman, probably even better looking than
his former wife.Joe began to think about his talk with Linda last night. How would she
react in a situation like this? Sure, Linda was certainly prettier
than this woman, but Joe also knew that Linda thought she wasn’t as
good looking as he had become.The interview/discussion was amazingly frank, with the couple
discussing such intimate things as their former and current sex lives.
Each said that, although things had changed ’somewhat’, they both still
enjoyed satisfying sex. It made Joe wonder about the woman. Was she
really happy living with this man she had married, who could now be
nothing but her lesbian lover? Joe thought about what Karen had
revealed to him about how sex felt since her operation. Maybe this
ex-guy was dark lolita models net
as sexually lolita wearing diapers pictures satisfied as he/she could be, but his wife, Joe
couldn’t help but wonder if she was truly happy now. Then again, maybe
she really was a lesbian, and Joe couldn’t even imagine what that was
like. When he was with Linda, even now, he still thought of them as
man and woman, even if what they did together now might seem homosexual
to an outsider. Homosexuality had to be a state of mind, he thought,
not the physical appearance of the body.The interesting television show made the time pass quickly, and before
long it was four o’clock. Soon, Linda would be pulling into the drive.
Joe knew she’d probably look forward to going shopping. She always
did. Before, he had hated it, and whenever she suggested a trip to one
of the preteen lola nymphet porn malls, Joe would try to beg off, and usually succeeded. Now,
the thought of spending the evening looking at clothes seemed far less
dreadful.Joe looked down and straightened his dress. Only a week, and he was
amazed how natural it felt to dress like this, even to look like this.
Had he unknowingly been a closet transsexual all along? He didn’t
think so. While he had always considered the whole idea of a person
changing gender intriguing, he had never considered it something he
would ever want to do. But in only a week, and here he was, wearing
this dress, free lolitas site preview not to mention the things under the dress, and it all felt
as natural as the way it fit his new shape. And even the new shape was
feeling more natural every day, too, he mused.Soon Joe heard Linda’s car pull into the drive. She came in and seemed
surprised to see Joe home already. “Hi,” she said, leaning over the
back of his chair and giving Joe a peck on his cheek. “Home already?”"Yeah. There’s not much happening that they need me for, and I have to
get ready to go to Minneapolis tomorrow.”"Minneapolis? What for?”"The president of Honeybone wants to see me. I can only guess what
it’s about.” Joe grinned thinly.Linda walked around to the front of his chair. She looked at him, and
made a face like a big sister seeing a younger sibling wearing makeup
for the first time.”What’s wrong?” Joe asked.”Nothing.” Linda replied. “I was just looking at your hair. It looks
pretty good. Still a little short, but acceptable.”"It only took Sally fifteen or twenty minutes for her to cut it like
this.” Joe said. “So you think it’ll be OK?”"Oh yeah,” Linda said. “It will be much better when it grows out some
more, but it’s not that bad now. Actually, except for the lighter
color, you remind me of Maggie O’Connell, that woman on Northern
Exposure.”"Not that bad? What are you trying to tell me?” Joe hadn’t seen the TV
show Northern Exposure, so he didn’t know who the zany but attractive
female bush pilot O’Connell was.Linda giggled. “Don’t worry about it, Joe. It really is OK.”"You don’t spread much confidence when you make that face.” Joe
objected.”God, Joe, don’t forget, I’m still trying to get accustomed to the idea
of you looking like that. The hair is only a minor part.”"You’re telling me.”Linda went tiny models nude lolita to him, and gently brushed her hand along lolitas collection top angel his cheek. She
would never have done that before, Joe thought. The relationship is
changing for her too.”What do you have planned for this evening?” Joe asked suddenly,
breaking the short silence.”Oh, I don’t know, nothing I guess.”"How would you like to go shopping with me? I have to get some warm
clothes for Minneapolis tomorrow.”"Sure,” Linda said immediately. “That would be fun.”"Now why did I just know you’d say that?”"When do you want to little lolita preteen movies
go?”"Any time. We can get a bite when we’re done.”"Yeah,” Linda agreed. “Let’s see, you’ll need a coat, maybe a jacket,
some sweaters, the selection probably won’t be too good right now.” She
thought as she spoke.”Where should we go?” Joe knew Linda loved to shop, or even just talk
about shopping.”If we leave soon, we’ll have time to check the stores at Woodland,”
Linda said enthusiastically. She was serious and didn’t realize that
Joe was finding it all slightly hilarious.”Then I guess we had better go.”"Do you have everything you need?” “I don’t know. I think my
underwear’s clean, what else do I need?”Linda realized that Joe was teasing her. Her face reddened slightly
when she saw he was grinning. “Do you want me to go, or not?” she
asked, acting offended.”Sure I do. Of course I want you to go.”"Well let’s go, then. I don’t know about you, but I’m famished.”"Just let me get my purse,” Joe exclaimed, stopping for a second when
he realized what he said. He was beginning to get accustomed to
carrying it with him.Joe went to his room and picked up the bag. He came back out and saw
that Linda stood by the door holding hers, looking very ready to go.
Joe wondered why she was so anxious lolitas collection top angel
to go shopping, but decided that
she was probably always like that about shopping, he had just never
noticed it before.They buckled into Joe’s RX-7 and drove to the mall. In a way it seemed
familiar, Linda, his girl, sitting next to him while he drove. But in
reality it was quite different. Now they looked like, and in a sense
were, just two women going shopping.They quickly arrived at the mall, and little lolita bbs tgp Joe parked where free lolita nude models he usually did,
away from most of the other cars, and the door dings which went with
them. As they walked side by side into the store, Joe had to resist
the habit of reaching out for Linda’s hand.When it came to shopping, Linda was the expert and Joe decided that his
best move would be to follow her lead. She had good taste, and she
knew what he needed better than he did himself. There was no reason to
do anything else but walk along with her and try to act as much like a
natural lady as he possibly could.They walked into Bullocks first. Linda went straight to the department
that sold coats. Surprisingly, there was still a fair selection, and
they were on sale.Linda removed a gray herringbone topcoat from the rack. She handed it
to Joe and he nude gay lolita boys
looked it like it was some kind of foreign object.”Go ahead, try it on,” Linda suggested.Joe swung the coat over his shoulders while putting his arms in the
sleeves. dark lolita models net The coat went to above his knees, and the silky taffeta
lining felt so sensuous. He had almost forgotten that all this was
going to be a treat for the senses, a lot more than just trying to buy
some clothes.The coat fit quite well, and Joe liked the look just fine. He figured
he’d just buy it, but Linda wouldn’t let dark lolita models net it end that easily. She had
other ideas.She took a very dark blue long length coat from the rack and gave it to
Joe, who dutifully tried it on. He liked the gray one better and he
told her so. Linda put the coat back and selected another.After four tries, Joe started to take coats from the rack himself. He
had given up on the idea of getting it all over quickly, and he liked
the gray one, but remembered where it was while he acted like he wanted
to try others on. He wasn’t paying particular attention to what he was
choosing to try on, and some of his selections raised Linda’s eyebrows.”Do you really like that color?” Linda asked incredulously.He was wearing a bright green, a color that even he could tell didn’t
go with his skin tones. He grinned sheepishly and put it back on the
rack. Linda shot him a strange look.When they had exhausted all possible choices, it seemed to Joe like nude close up lolitas it
must have been at least twenty coats, Linda wanted to go to another
store. Joe went back to the herringbone top. He tried it on again.
Again he liked the feeling of the lining.”Don’t you like this?” Joe asked. He liked it best of all of them, but
he trusted Linda’s opinion and wouldn’t buy it unless she agreed with
his selection.”Well, I guess it’s not too bad.” Linda said grudgingly. “Yeah, if you
like it, maybe you should get it.”"I don’t want it if you don’t think it’s absolutely right.” Joe
objected.”No, I think it’s very nice.”Women, Joe thought. Am I destined to be like that too?They took the coat to the sales desk. The woman who had been helping
them while they were trying on the whole rack accepted Joe’s credit
card and they walked out carrying a large package.Next, Joe needed a dress. On the way, Linda noticed some sweaters on a
rack on the back wall of a department that sold blouses. Joe decided
that she must have the eyes of an eagle.One of the sweaters was quite attractive, and they both liked it. Joe
thought it looked a little small, but Linda thought it would fit him.
She insisted that they go into the dressing room and try it on.Since Joe was still wearing the olive dress, to try on the sweater he’d
have to take that off completely. He wished he had changed to shorts
and a blouse before he left. Linda went in the compartment with him,
and watched as he took the dress off. Standing in his slip, Joe
slipped the pullover sweater on.”There, see. That’s not too bad.” Linda said.Joe looked down at his little lolita preteen movies chest. The woolen top fit a lot looser 100 best lolita paysites than he
had thought, but it did emphasize his bustline somewhat. He pulled the
lower edge down, which made the front appear even more snug fitting.”Don’t do that,” Linda admonished. It’s supposed to fit kind of loose,
sort of bulky.”I know that,” Joe objected. “I was just checking if it looked too
tight.”"Dolly Parton you’re not.” Linda teased. “It’s not too tight.”"Hey, these things are still growing,” Joe objected.”Yeah, sure,” Linda said sarcastically. “You don’t have to rub it in.”"Rub it in?” Joe asked. What did she mean? “Oh, I get it. Now you’re
jealous of free lolita nude models my boobs.”"Well, they are a little hard to compete with. I don’t think I’ve been
that firm since seventh grade.”"Hey, I can’t help it. I didn’t ask to be this way any more than you
did.”"I know. I know,” Linda said. preteen lola nymphet porn “It’s just that when I see you, the way
you look, that figure, it’s hard to not feel just a little inferior.”"Don’t forget, when I had a choice, I chose you.” Joe told her. “You
have nothing to be ashamed of. For me, all this is new, it’s just a
week old. In some ways, both physical and mental, I’m probably more
like an adolescent than a mature woman.”"That’s not helping, Joe.” Linda said with a frown.”I think I’ll buy this.” Joe said, trying to get off the subject of his
new body parts.”Its ok. It looks and I think it fits you fine,” Linda agreed. “What
else did you have in mind?”"I was hoping you’d tell me,” Joe said, grinning. “I think I should
get a more dark lolita models net casual jacket, too. I won’t be dressed up all the time.
And some longer pants. Maybe even some jeans. I want something to
wear besides shorts and dresses.”"Ok. I guess you’re right.” Linda agreed. “Let’s go downstairs.”The casual misses’ things were on the lower level of the same store.
Linda knew where everything was. Joe followed her down and the first
things they came to were jackets.Linda pulled a jade colored poplin jacket with a stand up collar and a
contrasting sort of hot pink liner and trim. It was nice, looking
rather like a ski-jacket, but without the shiny nylon. Joe tried it
on, and as he walked to the mirror, he spotted a suede leather bomber
jacket. It reminded him of his leather A2 jacket at his apartment.
That had been his favorite jacket, and he realized it was probably way
too big now.Joe tried the poplin jacket on, and it fit just fine. He decided to
buy it immediately, but also wandered over to the rack where the
leathers were.Taking the poplin jacket off and handing it to Linda, he pulled the
suede jacket and tried it on. It was too small, and he removed it and
checked the size. It said Juniors 11. He wondered what size he wore
by that measurement. His male size had been 40 regular but, of course
that was before his shoulders got like this, and of course, lolta models top 100 the boobs.
He looked at Linda for advice. She grinned knowingly, and pulled
another two sizes larger. Joe tried it on. ls mgazine model lolita It was much better, tiny models nude lolita but
still didn’t fit just right.”I sex young lolitas russian really would like a jacket like this,” Joe said. “But I want it to
fit just right.”"Don’t rush it,” Linda advised. “You have plenty of time.”"Yeah,” Joe agreed, realizing what she meant.Joe paid for the poplin jacket, and they continued down the broad
aisles toward the misses clothes.It still seemed terribly strange for Joe to be buying clothes for
himself in an area so obviously set up for young women. Of course,
Linda free lolita models bbs didn’t www russian loli com
give him any time for introspection. She pulled some
jeans from the rack and held them up to Joe’s waist, trying to judge
length. “Your legs are actually quite long,” she said.”Yeah, but I think they were longer,” Joe said matter-of-factly. “But
it’s my upper body that seems to have changed the most.” With one major
exception, he thought to himself.”Well, I think you should try these on,” Linda said. “We’ll start with
this length.”Joe went into the dressing room. Now he’d have to remove his dress and
his slip. The little cubicle was too small for Linda to accompany him
and she waited outside the door. Joe removed his outer little lolita bbs tgp
clothes and the
slip. He tried on the Levis and was amazed how snug they fit his butt.
Compared to his male jeans, they were tight around his now softer buns,
and he could feel them riding into his crotch. The feeling was strange
but not unpleasant. The length seemed OK to him too, but he figured
Linda better check that. He didn’t have a shirt to put on, but Linda
was in the little secluded hallway to the cubes, not in the main store,
and fortunately there was a mirror there too. What the heck, he
thought, and opened the door and went out wearing only the jeans and
bra.Linda grinned when she saw him. The Levis fit his still developing
feminine figure acceptably, but she thought the leg length should be a
bit longer.”Wait a second.” Linda said.She looked at the size numbers on the jeans he wore, and went back out
into the store. In only seconds, she returned with another pair.
Everything was the same but the length and Joe thought they fit OK. For
now, anyway.”What about my butt?” Joe asked. “I think it’s still getting bigger.
Won’t these be too tight in a few days?”"I don’t know,” Linda said. “I can only fit you now. If you’re still
developing, maybe you should to wait till you stop. That’s up to you.”"No. I’ll take these anyway,” Joe decided. “I’ll wait a few days
before I get some more.”Joe found a table with some turtleneck tops. He stopped and looked
them over. Linda watched him hold one up to his chest. “Go ahead.
Get it if you want it,” she said. “You’ll always be able to wear
something like that, especially for layering.”Joe took a couple in colors he liked.Nearby, they came to exercise clothes. Joe had always liked that area
when he passed through this store with Linda. Now, he looked for a
different reason. Sure, he still liked the way the shiny, snug fitting
spandex looked, but he knew he liked the way it felt too. He looked at
each item carefully.”Do you think there’s something you need from here?” Linda asked. “I
thought you had some workout gear.” “I have one, but I just want to
look at what they’ve got. I might find something else I want.”Joe came upon a short terrycloth robe. It only went to below his butt,
designed as a cover-up for going to the locker room, or maybe with a
swimsuit. He decided to buy that too.”You’re going to clean out the store,” Linda teased. Usually, Joe just
followed her disinterestedly, if he even went along at all. But now he
was filling as many bags as they both could carry.”If I’m going to be like this, I’m going to get what I want, and dress
like I want.”"I can’t argue with that,” Linda agreed.They both had their arms full as they staggered out of Bullocks. As
they walked down the mall walkway, they came www russian loli com to the Victoria’s Secret.
Joe immediately lugged his many packages inside, while Linda followed
obediently close teen lolita petite bbs behind. “Something you need here, too?” she free lolitas site preview asked.”Yeah, I think so,” Joe said, somewhat embarrassed by what he was
after. He might look a lot like a woman now, and his interests nude close up lolitas
certainly changing, but it was still difficult to admit to Linda that
he actually liked to buy, to wear, things like the stuff they sold
here.”What are you looking for?” she asked. “Something to wear to bed?”"Yeah, I guess I could use something,” Joe agreed. He did need to get
some pajamas, or something like that.Linda went to the rack with the flowery night free lolita models bbs
shirts and the lacy
satins. Joe liked the silky satins, but he wanted plain solids,
without lace. Victoria’s wasn’t the best place to find things like
that.He finally agreed to a cotton knit boxer pajama set, decorated with
delicate rose print and matching satin piping. It was a bit more
feminine looking than he would have hoped, but he did like it. Linda
found a matching knee length robe and talked him into that too.When he finally had the night clothes out of the way, Joe tried to
nonchalantly wonder over to the sexier panties and bras. He free lolita nude models
picked at them, checking the size, and when he found a panty he thought
would fit him, he held it up. “I think this would fit. Do you like
it?” He felt weird, as if he was now trying to dress to please Linda.”Sure. But do you?” Linda asked, smiling. “Yeah, I do. I think I’ll
get some of this stuff too. I do kind of like it.”He selected a few things, but Joe couldn’t find the kind of thong back
panties he was wearing. Maybe he’d have to get them when he went back
to San Diego. No problem though, he did find some other treasures to
bring home.When they left Victoria’s they were loaded with as much as they could
carry. Joe had never been on such a massive clothes shopping trip
before. But mostly, with only a few exceptions, he had actually needed
the free lolita models bbs things he had purchased this evening.They took their packages to the car, and then went for something to eat
before returning home.As they sat at their table eating, Linda began to speak. “Do you want
to stay like that, Joe?”Joe free lolita nude models
just looked at her and smiled. “The idea does seem to get more
attractive every day, but I don’t know. nude close up lolitas For now at least, I don’t have
any choice.”"You just look like you’re so happy, I can’t imagine you going back any
more. Does that seem strange to you?”"I don’t know. I don’t know what I want. I really don’t even know
what I am now. If I do stay like this, I guess maybe it wouldn’t be
all that bad.”"Do they have that equipment set up at your job yet?” Linda asked.
“Can it do what it did to you, to somebody else?”"That’s one of the things they want to find out, I think. I don’t
think anybody really knows that.”"What do you think it would do to a woman?” Linda said quickly, as if
afraid to ask the question.”I don’t know,” Joe answered, curious as to what she was driving at.
“Why, what did you have in mind?”"Oh, nothing really, I was just wondering what would happen if I were
to accidentally get zapped by that thing somehow. You know, would I
suddenly grow muscles, get a hairy chest, stuff like that.” She asked,
nervously speaking with short, clipped words.”Is that what you want?” Joe asked ls mgazine model lolita
in surprise.”How would you feel about it?” Linda countered.”Oh, man. I’d have to think about that one.”"Think about it, then,” www russian loli com
Linda said. “If you’re going to stay like
that, and if that thing will reverse me like it did you, then I want to
do it.”Joe realized that she was being quite serious. He hadn’t expected
Linda say anything like this. “OK. I’ll think it over. But I hope you
realize what you’re saying.”"Joe, I’ve been thinking about it. For days now. If you have to stay
like that, and we can’t stay together like this, then I’m willing to
try anything.”"But if it can change you, Linda, it should be able to change me, too.”"If Doctor Krell called you, right now, and said ‘Get over here, we’ve
figured out how to change you back’ would you run right over?”Joe stared ahead as he thought it over. She was right. He didn’t know
what he’d do. A few days ago the decision would have been easy, but
now, whatever was happening to him had changed the whole perspective of
what ‘normal’ was. Although he did long for the familiar, old way, he
certainly didn’t look forward to losing all this. And he also knew the
longer it took, the harder it would be to go back.”I don’t know. I guess it’s a good thing that he doesn’t call, because
I don’t know what I would do.”"That’s what I mean. I can see what’s happening. It’s written all
over your face. Joe, whatever has happened to you, it has done more
than change your body. I’m beginning to think it’s really changed you
into a woman. And if it can preteen lola nymphet porn do the reverse for me, maybe we still have
a chance together.”"But what if we don’t?” Joe asked. “What if we were to sneak in the
lab tonight, and turn the machine on you, and then found we really
couldn’t stand each other? Then what? Do you really want to spend the
rest of your life as a man?”"Would that be so bad?” Linda asked. “Until this happened to you, that
was to be your fate.”"But look at you,” Joe responded. “You’re a beautiful, successful
woman. Why would you want to voluntarily give that up for what would
probably be a genetic crap shoot? Who knows how it would turn out? As
you yourself told me, I was probably lucky that all I lost was my
masculinity.”"I don’t know, I think I’d make a pretty good man. Actually, it looks
pretty easy.” “Well, trust me, there is no comparison,” Joe said. “But
I don’t know how it could even work.”"I guess we’d just repeat whatever happened to you guys.”"No. That’s not what I mean,” Joe said. “For me, my chromosomes were
XY, and now they’re changed, damaged to appear to be XX. For you, or me
for that matter, to change to XY, there has to be something to create
the Y chromosome. I don’t know how that would happen. If it didn’t,
heaven knows what it would do to you. I think I’d let somebody else
try it first,” he added.”Then you don’t think it’s possible?”"Hey, I’m hardly the expert,” Joe said, grinning. “I’ve only started
reading on the subject, and new things are being learned every day. We
should give them some time at the lab. Who knows what’s possible till
we try? If it does work, hell, we can take turns if we want. Or, be
what we want, when we want.”"I can just 100 best lolita paysites
see that,” Linda said, giggling. “Having a closet with
twice as many clothes, in two sizes.”"Tell me about it!” Joe said. He knew what that was like.”What do you think could be caused by chromosome damage?” Linda asked,
genuinely interested in pursuing the subject further.”I don’t know, almost anything, blindness, deafness, I guess you could
even grow an extra arm or leg.”"That bad?” Linda responded. “I guess you’re right, genes are the
programming of the body. So like you said, almost anything is
possible.”"Maybe we could work on it, and create our own design.” Joe continued.
His engineer’s mind had started to run with the possibilities of
genetic re-engineering.”Our own design?” Linda asked innocently. “How do you mean?”"Well, if we could break free lolitas site preview the code, then we could figure out which
chromosomes do what. If we knew that we could shape ourselves however
we’d like. There would be no need to have only two sexes. You could
take your pick of the best parts of each. I know what I’d like to
rework if I could.” Joe went on. He was on a lolitas models panties beauty roll, and his imaginative
mind had taken off.”What’s that?” Linda asked curiously.”Well, why choose to be either all male of all female?” Joe asked
logically. “I can tell you from my personal experience that there are
some good things and some bad about both.”"What would you keep?”"Well. You mean keep from what I look like now?” Joe answered. “Or
before.”"Whatever,” Linda asked again. “If you could choose, what would you
want to look like, male, female, or what?”"Gee, if I could choose, I know I’d keep the skin I have now. I like
the way it makes me feel; everything is much more sensitive now. lolita wearing diapers pictures And
maybe these boobs, they’re kinda neat, once you get used to them being
there. But I wouldn’t want them to be nude close up lolitas too big. The way they are now
would be OK, though.”"Well, I guess so,” Linda agreed. “I don’t know how anybody could ask
for better breasts than yours. But what else?”Joe thought a second, then answered. “I guess I’d want to keep my
muscles, at least some of them. More than I have now, anyway. I sure
wish my arms were a free lolita models bbs little stronger.”"That’s all?”"Well, if it were possible, I wish I still had a penis, at least sort
of, I don’t know,” Joe stammered. “I mean, I am starting to get used
to being like this, and I guess I don’t really care that much about
being able to have sex with a woman anymore, but it would be useful to
have a penis free lolita models bbs to pee with. Like this, a zipper is useless. You don’t
really know what I mean, you’ve always been like you are, but, maybe if
it could free lolita nude models
be made retractable free lolitas site preview or something.” Joe grinned.”A retractable penis? You’d want a retractable penis?”"If it were possible, yeah, why not? It might be the best of both
worlds.”"I don’t know,” Linda considered. “I think if I had a penis, I’d want
it to be like all the other guys’.”"I don’t know, maybe I would, too, but keep an open mind,” Joe said,
smiling widely as he watched Linda thinking about what she wanted.They finished eating and Joe paid the bill. Joe and Linda left the
restaurant and drove home. They carried the packages into Joe’s room
and opened them. Joe tried on some of the items for Linda and she
critiqued them and helped him with wearing them. Joe found that he now
loved to try on clothes, so unlike the way he was only a week ago.Since he had to leave early in the morning, Joe began to prepare his
bag for the trip. Linda helped him decide what to take, and when Joe
packed his exercise dark lolita models net
wear and racquetball stuff, she wondered why he was
taking that.”Jay wants to play racquetball,” Joe said matter-of-factly.”I thought you couldn’t play that well anymore.”"I can’t,” Joe said grinning. “But Jay likes it that way, It’s the
only time he’s been able to beat me.”"How would you like to go to aerobics with me?” Linda asked. “It
wouldn’t be so competitive.”"OK, maybe I will sometime. After I get back.”When his bags were all ready, Joe undressed and prepared to shower. He
went into the bathroom, removed his underwear and washed it out by
hand, then took a shower. When he finished, he hung the wet lingerie
on the glass shower door handles.Naked, Joe went back into his bedroom. He found the new pajamas, and
stepped into them. They fit perfectly, and he looked at his image in
the mirror. As usual, there was that attractive woman looking back.
Did he want to stay like this, or be a guy again? On the surface, the
choice was easy. It was fantastic to look and feel like this. But
should he? lolta models top 100 Was he destined to spend the rest of his life as a woman,
or return to male, the way he was born?Linda, who had been in her own room showering too, soon came back. She
was wearing pajamas now, too, and as male looking as she could find.
She had tied her hair back, making it as short looking as she could.
Joe had to wonder if she was already trying to act like a man just to
please him.”You try to imagine me as a guy.” Linda said with all seriousness.
“And I’ll try my best to act like one.”"You really don’t have to do this,” Joe said, grinning at her. It was
hardly possible to see Linda as a man just because of the way she wore
her hair, or clothes.”But I want to.” Linda said. “I wish I could really be a guy for you
and if I ever get the chance, I’ll change whatever I must to do it.”Joe took her into his arms. Maybe Linda wanted to act like a man, but
when he held her, there was no way she could hide her trembling
femininity. They wrapped their arms 100 best lolita paysites
around each other and just held on
tightly. Maybe the feelings he had for her were not the same as they
had been, but he couldn’t deny they each held strong feelings for each
other.”Let’s go to bed,” Joe said. “I have to get up little lolita preteen movies pretty early.”"Ok. Let me hold you as if I were a male. Try and forget what I look
like.”They got into bed and Joe set the alarm for four AM. He turned off the
light and crawled under the sheet. When he did, Linda came to him and
wound her hand under his pajama shirt, fondling his breasts. It was
obvious from the way she acted that she was trying to act like he had
to her when he was male. Since she knew what felt good, her touch made
Joe’s body respond. Not knowing what she’d want him to do, Joe didn’t
reciprocate, but just lay there and enjoyed what Linda did to him.
Soon, her hand found its way into his pajama bottoms and she began to
gently stroke between Joe’s legs. Joe couldn’t resist moving his hips
in unison with her knowledgeable touch, and soon felt his breath come
in gasps. Linda pulled the sheet away and quite forcefully pulled
Joe’s bottoms down to his knees.Joe worked his feet out little lolita preteen movies of the pajamas and then spread his legs apart,
giving in to whatever Linda wanted to do. She went down and gently
flicked her tongue 100 best lolita paysites along Joe’s aching clitoris. He put his hands on
Linda’s head and stroked her hair as she pleasured him. Just as he
began to feel the urge to have something inside his vagina, Linda must
have read his mind, because she reacted by placing first one finger,
and then another, slowly and gently into his wet vaginal opening. As
she worked on his clitoris with her tongue, she slowly moved her
fingers around, making Joe almost pass out with pleasure. In what
seemed like only moments, Joe felt a now familiar warmth start at his
pelvis and move outwards and upwards. He placed his hands on his
breasts, enjoying the feeling from both sides. Joe’s legs stiffened
involuntarily and he could feel his muscles rhythmically contracting on
Linda’s fingers. Female orgasm involves your whole body, he thought,
as he writhed in pleasure.When the climax was complete, Joe wanted to hold Linda in his arms.
She willingly complied and began kissing him all over. When she kissed
his lips Joe could smell and even taste the scent of his own genitalia
on her lips. The familiar aroma didn’t bother teen lolita petite bbs
him, but he suddenly
remembered how erotic the same odor had been when he was male. Now,
however, it no longer had the same arousal effect on him. Not that he
needed it anyway.Joe held Linda and she held him. Whatever they considered themselves
now, there was no doubt that they could still make each other happy.
But would the world let them?
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